Establishment and Naming of Our New Parish

Following on from the well-attended parish forum meeting of 25 July 2017 (see minutes), as part of the process of forming our new parish, we now need to consider a name for our new parish.

Our churches of St Brendan and St John the Evangelist will retain their individual names of the saints they are dedicated to. However, a new name for our new parish is required to be submitted to the bishop for his approval.

To give this important matter proper consideration, parishioners are invited to submit any proposed names together with a supporting rationale to Fr Michael Cooke by Sunday 27 August 2017.  You can do so online at the parish website, by letter or by email to
It is important that we hold another meeting, as soon as possible, after this date to discuss further the matters raised at the last meeting and make decisions for our submission to the bishop about our amalgamation. This has been arranged for Tuesday 5 September (7.30-9pm) at St John’s, following on from the 7pm Mass that evening.
There will be further information on the newsletter in the coming weeks to help us all prepare for this meeting.


Catherine Grundy, 05/08/2017