Bringing Christ to our World Today

Join us at Lancashire Martyrs Church, Hallstead Avenue, Little Hulton, M38 0DL (10.30am-12.30pm) for our Advent series:
30 November:  Col.1:15-20 Remembering Christ in the beauty of our common home
7 December: Rm.8:18-27: Identifying Christ in the suffering of our earth and God’s people
14 December: Jn.1:1-14: Bringing Christ’s life and hope to our world
Format: Using the CaFE DVD “Global Healing”, Laudato Si, Scripture and poetry, we will explore the reality of Christ’s Incarnate Word today.
Presenters: Sister Joan Kerley, FMSJ and Maria Kidd
Contact: Sister Joan Kerley, FMSJ; 0161 971 7842; E:  or
Marie Sartini 0161 794 2825; E:



Catherine Grundy, 29/11/2018