St John the Evangelist, Bromley Cross

St John the Evangelist Parish Church is situated in Bromley Cross, Bolton (Lancashire).

Our Parish Priest is Rev Alfred Rebello who oversees both St John's and St Brendan's.

Our Parish school is St John the Evangelist RC Primary School and our Parish population is approximately 1250.

Our Patron

St John the Evangelist

About St John's Church

St John's was founded in 1960, incorporating St Aldhelm's Turton that had been in existence since 1890. That former parish was originally served by the chaplain from Tottington Convent who used to ride over on his horse for Sunday Mass.

Initially St John's used a converted Ministry of Pensions building, where the first Mass was celebrated on 26 August 1961. The current church was opened in 1967. The temporary building continued to be used as a parish hall until the primary school was built in 1977.

St John's church has a number of lovely features. One that is noticeable straight away is that the benches are arranged around three sides of the sanctuary, so everyone is close to the altar. Some unique features include an etched Window giving the history of the parish from 1890 and some modern stained glass windows designed by a monk from Buckfast Abbey (Charles Norris). Our Stations of the Cross were commissioned from a Lancashire sculptor (Ray Schofield) in 1987.


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