Parish Enabling Team (PET)

As part of developing our parishes across the diocese for the present and the future, Bishop John has asked that each parish should establish a “leadership” team – a group of parishioners who will oversee and co-ordinate parish activities. Here in the Bolton deanery, we have taken this request seriously and have run a “Lay Leadership” course during the past twelve months, which has formed a pilot scheme for other deaneries to take up. Each parish was asked to send three representatives to this course – one who would oversee parish administration, one who would oversee catechetical aspects and one who would oversee safeguarding. This was seen as a minimum structure for such a team.

We are fortunate that we had eight parishioners who were able to complete this course and who are now willing to serve our current parishes and our new parish in this leadership role. However, the group has decided that it prefers to be known as the Parish Enabling Team, since that rightly puts the emphasis on their roles of overseeing, co-ordinating and encouraging the involvement of many other parishioners in parish activities rather than them being the ones who lead, organise and run all (or the majority of) activities. 

Meeting Times

Gatherings take place approximately every month. Our meetings are announced on the newsletter.