The Parish Social Committee is seeking new members with great ideas. Anyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings. Please do get in contact via email or telephone (see below) if you wish to get involved or join us at one of our scheduled meetings.


Parish Social Committee

The Parish Social Committee seeks to extend and integrate the social life of the three parishes, to look at both young and old and provide social occasions to suit.

In the past the our committees have held dinners with speakers, old time music hall with potato pie, arranged children’s carol concerts for Christmas, quiz nights and dances. All these events have been successful, not in monetary terms but as social gatherings.

We will be looking at further social events now the three committees have come together and will keep you updated when and where the events will be held.

Meeting Times

We meet in both St Brendan's Harbour Room and St John's Patmos Room.
Meeting dates are shown on the newsletter.


Peter Carolan
Telephone: 01204 386006
Peter Carolan, 23/04/2014