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Fr Francis Parkinson

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Fr Francis was ordained priest on 23 July 1983.

He was born in Nelson on 24 March 1959 and went to school in St Joseph’s Nelson and then St Theodore’s RC Grammar School in Burnley. From there he went to the English College Valladolid, Spain to study for the priesthood. He left in 1983 having obtained an STB in Theology.

He served as assistant priest in the Cathedral and St Anne’s Ancoats before being asked to become a part of the team at Henesy House working with Deaf and Hearing Impaired people across the Diocese. He was there till 1989 when he was asked to undertake further studies to be ready to take over as Pastoral Theology Tutor in Valladolid.

Fr Francis went to Rome to the Gregorian for the STL and then St Mary’s College Strawberry Hill gaining a PGCE in RE and English. In 1991 he went back to the English College Valladolid, teaching Pastoral theology in the Universidad de Comillas based in Valladolid. He was there for 5 years before being recalled to the Diocese.
He came back in 1995 and immediately was appointed as Executive Secretary for the International Catholic Foundation for the Service of Deaf Persons working with Deaf people both in the Diocese, nationally and across the globe, particularly strengthening links with South America.

In 2000 Fr Francis was appointed Parish Priest of St Dunstan Moston, then St Joseph’s Blackburn before being asked to go back to Henesy House as Chaplain for Deaf People.

He came to the Parishes of St Brendan, St Columba and St John in July 2013 and was asked to become full time in those parishes in April 2014, to help out and maintain the mission already in place.