About Us

The two Churches of St Brendan,  and St John the Evangelist, Bromley Cross are located in Bolton, Lancashire, United Kingdom. We also incorporate the former parish community of St Columba, Tonge Moor, Bolton

St Brendan, Harwood
St John the Evangelist, Bromley Cross

A map and contact details of the 2 churches can be found here.

7 August 2022
Nineteenth Week of Ordinary Time

 Sunday: 9.30am Mass (SJ); 11am Mass (SB)

  Weekday Services  

Mon    6pm Mass (St John's) 
Tue      9.30am Mass (St Brendan's)
St Teresa Benedicta
Wed     9am Exposition & Adoration (St John's)     
              9.30am Mass (St John's) - St Lawrence
Thur    9.30am Mass  (St Brendan's) - St Clare
Fri        No Mass Today 
Sat        11am Mass (St Brendan's)
              5pm Vigil Mass (St Brendan's)